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My name is Kuba.

Welcome to my website, the door into my musical world.

I sing and write songs for myself and other artists.

I believe that music is the key to a happy life and I am sure that you do too.

So come along, flip though the pages of this site and get in touch, so that we can enjoy every note together.


Throughout all of my different life experiences, one thing has always been constant: my love for music. I write and compose songs for myself and for others. It’s always fantastic to meet and collaborate with new people, so I am always open to new musical friendships, just as much as I stay faithful to those I have known and worked with for years.


I would say that my own personal trademarks are catchy melodies and rich vocal harmonies. I love the Swedish feel to modern pop music. However my interests are rather wide; from modern dance music to classic oldies. In my teens I participated in and won several competitions in Poland as well as appearing in musicals such as 'Phantom of the Opera' and 'Singing in the Rain'.


I am old enough to have the courage to speak out loud about my dreams; music-wise the biggest one is to have one of my songs entered into the Eurovision Song Contest, either with myself as the performer or somebody else. And I am still young enough to be able to make this dream come true!


What are your musical dreams?

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