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Live TakeAway Show online stream

My one-man disco soirée!

This is a recording of a live stream of a show I did at the Live TakeAway stage; there is no audience as it took place during the 2020 lockdown and the idea was to deliver party vibes into people homes. Press play and there you have it - me performing especially for you ;)


Music & Lyrics: Kuba Jasiecki & Michael Casey

I see RAY OF LIGHT is an airy, bright, uplifting piece of elegant, uptempo pop with a touch of Scandinavian modern schlager feel to it.I composed this song in a heartbeat. I woke up one day with the whole melody
ready in my head. Lyrics - written together with my dear friend Michael Casey.
I want this song to lighten up your day with its captivating refrain and the message of self-belief being key in life regardless of the circumstances. Be your own Ray of Light. Everyday.
RAY OF LIGHT is also the Official Borås Pride 2020 song, having premiered on Puls Fm 104,1 Radio in Sweden.


Music & Lyrics: Kuba Jasiecki & Michael Casey

MY TIME is an very much uptempo, sharp and energetic song about dealing with the passing of time, which I am not a big fan of ;)

I made the vertical video myself - it's an effect of the 2020 quarantine era.


Music & Lyrics: Kuba Jasiecki, Darek Paliga, Michael Casey

Clubby, electric vibes inspired by the mighty 80's... AIN'T GONNA CRY is about living in the moment and apperciating what you have. It was also the Official Skövde Pride Song of 2019! The video was filmed at my parents coutryside in the summer of 2019.


Lyrics: Jakub Kuba Jasiecki & Music: Dariusz Paliga

This videos is my second music-video. It has been filmed by Michal Rosa & Michal Piotrowski, edited by Bart Forman at MorMedia, and produced by myslelf and my friend Marcelina Zengel.

We filmed the studio secenes at three diffesrent locations although the action takes place in one bedroom. Such a privilige to have such amazing friends who decided to put their time, effort and talent into making this vid!





Lyrics: Jakub Kuba Jasiecki & Music: Jakub Kuba Jasiecki

This one has been a quicky; an evening in my favourite recording studio and then one more in a film studio. Both shoots went quick and painfree.. until half of the material went missing due to a computer disc failure.!. But the editing master of all time - Bart Forman (MorMedia) - using his superpowers has managed to put toghether bits and pieces he got from us creating this picture. In the video you can also see Irena Filus (violin) and Marcin Grzella (guitarr).





Lyrics: Jakub Kuba Jasiecki & Music: Dariusz Paliga

I absolutely love this song up till this day. It's melodic, fun, bubbly and fab. And it's my first music-vid ever! It was such fun  making it! Michal took his camera, the girls got ready, we went out and filmed super spontaneously. The baloons ate up all the so-called budget!

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